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Why your brand needs a story

The digital landscape is saturated with businesses competing with each other with very similar products, services and content. It’s incredibly hard to rise above the noise and stand out. So why do people choose one product or service over another? What makes some brands so inspiring? A huge part of it is their brand story.

What Facebook’s & Instagram’s new Influencer Features mean for your business – June 2021

The world of social media influencer marketing mimics the platforms it resides on. It’s a high-growth space with more and more people gaining large social media followings every day. As a result, brand deals with creators, such as discount codes, affiliate links, and sponsored posts, are continually growing in popularity. 

How to take advantage of Instagram’s New Updates – June 2021

Instagram is constantly changing, updating, and adding new features or improving and altering its algorithm, so it can be difficult to stay up to date. As a business owner or content creator, it can be challenging to not just stay abreast of the changes but to then understand how these changes can be used effectively in a marketing context.Here, we discuss some recent Instagram updates and how they can help your marketing reach.

How to Sell on Google Shopping: Best Practices & Examples

Stand out in search results with eye-catching Google Shopping Ads. Here’s how to get started and make the most of this powerful feature.The vast majority of shoppers start their commercial searches on Google, and with Google Shopping ads driving 75% of clicks on searches for non-branded products, it’s a no-brainer to incorporate them into your brand’s marketing strategy.

Australian eCommerce Revenue & Traffic Trends During the COVID-19 Crisis

Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on small, medium and large businesses. Not only is the situation tragic for individuals but causing immense pressure across many business sectors as we all navigate through this. Whilst none of us can control the macro environment, we can review and implement various tactical initiatives during this time. To help companies do this, we’ve compiled the data for our diverse portfolio to provide insights that will hopefully be helpful to eCommerce businesses and those who work with eCommerce brands.


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