Same agency, new brand → Hi, we’re Arkhi, formerly Stead Lane.



Hi, we’re Arkhi.

Digital’s what we do. eComm’s what we love. The web is wild so we create things that stand the test of time; digital tools that grow & evolve with you.

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Who’s Arkhi?

[ɑːrkhɪ] pronounced ar-kee.

As far as names go, we’re inspired by one of the greatest inventors ever ~ bold choice.

Archimedes lived more than 2000 years ago. He was a mathematician, astronomer, engineer and physicist. We’re fans because the genius of his work is its timelessness.

Take the lever, for example. A tool that proved even the smallest, well-placed force can move a great mass.

Strategically simple and yet still game-changing—leverage is the rule we live by.

Because, if you achieve growth at any cost or by any means, is it really worth it? Good eComm positions you for success by leaning into the authentic potential of your brand.

It carves order from chaos. It unlocks dormant opportunity. And when the time is right, it leverages your brand for growth where it actually counts.

Arkhi were contracted to help us, primarily, develop the front-end of our website to provide a better and more efficient experience for our customers. They have 100% succeeded in this task.

Ryan Jones, Head of Marketing | Moana Bikini

Arkhi has continually invested in our business, assisting in key growth & development programs. Building succession plans with our business partners are key and all the team members at Arkhi provide those solutions.

Shane Kearney, Head of Sales & Marketing | The Mad Hueys

How we work

It’s easy to grow in any direction. The trick is to grow up. That’s where authentic, actionable digital strategy comes in. No matter the project, we think-build-grow on repeat for our clients to leverage their brands long term.

Strategy, eCommerce, Digital Marketing. That’s us. Find out how we can help you.

Who we are

We say what we mean

We do what we say. And we get to the point faster than most. We’re not afraid to be respectfully honest in the name of a better outcome.

Trust is our cornerstone

But nothing says “red flag” like the words, “trust us”. We earn people’s good regard through honesty, consistency, smarts and out-of-the-box creativity.

Top marks for quality

But we don’t get lost in quantities—as in treating our clients like a number or creating digital solutions purely for transactional value.

Digital is for people

At Arkhi, data inspires design and we believe every online experience is essential to a larger, living brand journey.

Say hi to Arkhi

Flynn McFarlane CEO & Strategic Partnerships
Kai Budgen Head of Delivery & Design
Adam Carroll Head of Technology
Dom Nappa Technical Lead
John Langdon Senior Developer
Audrey Bourneville Account Manager
Priyanka Poojary Senior Digital Strategist
Matilda Eggert Copywriter
Lisa Clark Developer
Rusty Monzon Developer
Mark Joncheff Designer