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Big Wins For Arkhi & Gold Coast Businesses

Gold Coast businesses do epic things. And the 2022 Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards is proof. As a GC-founded small business ourselves, we’re so proud to have joined the ranks of finalists and winners who recently celebrated their business growth and success.

How To Market On Digital Platforms

With social media taking over the marketing space, gaining awareness, retaining attention, and converting people is a competitive space. So how does your business stand out and meet your goals through social media marketing?The key is having an effective digital marketing mix. Each platform is unique in its offering and its audience, requiring different marketing methods and tactics.

Don’t Write For SEO, Write For People

Keywords, links, title tags, meta descriptions—these are all important but the ultimate thing affecting how your content ranks, is whether or not people want to read it.

How Do We Trust The Numbers?

With changes in attribution models and numbers not adding up across platforms, how do we know what’s really working?

Are you ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BCFM) 2021 isn’t until November, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Now is the time to get your business BFCM-ready.

Instantly Improve Your Copy With These Writing Tips

Don’t lose your powerful message in confusing, jargon-filled copy. One of the best tips for writing is to simply write clearly.Copywriting is about inciting action. If your message is entertaining, great! But if the call to action isn’t clear, you simply won’t see results.

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.