It's time to get real about growth

At Arkhi, we’re not about building greatness in a day. We do friendly, no-fuss service. We lay down foundations where they count—for sustainable growth and results that actually matter in your market.

Strategy. eCommerce. Digital Marketing. Strategy. eCommerce. Digital Marketing. Strategy. eCommerce. Digital Marketing.

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Think. Build. Grow.

We get it. Digital’s always running ahead.

So, at Arkhi, we think-build-grow on repeat. Because slowing down to speed up is the only way to craft tools with real value and lasting digital leverage.

  1. Think > Whatever we’re building or growing, strategic thinking always comes first.
  2. Build  > We create and customise digital tools that stand the test of time.
  3. Grow > Then we evolve our solutions and create-test-iterate digital non-stop.
How we work

Strategy, eCommerce and Digital Marketing. That’s us.

But, what do you actually need? We say, invest in a game plan that leads to real growth for your brand. If you want to know what that looks like, we can help.

  • Retainers > Based on hourly rates
  • Projects > Tailored to your goals
  • Onboard > Start strong with our team
  • Strategy > Leverage your brand potential
  • Campaigns > Integrated audience journeys
  • Websites > Evolve & iterate for your users
  • Optimisation > For smarter, better digital—always


Hypothesize, test, review, optimise, repeat. Strategy’s your evolving game plan for real growth.

eCommerce Strategy

  • Growth workshops
  • Big picture thinking
  • How to scale
  • Technology for scale
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Brand Strategy

  • Brand concepts
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand guides
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Campaign Strategy

  • Performance benchmarking
  • Creative campaign concepts
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Paid Channel Planning
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Data & Analytics

  • Digital Performance Audits
  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • User Experience Review
  • Paid Campaign Analysis
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Leverage human habits on your website with optimised UX, UI, custom Shopify Plus integrations.


  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Theme development
  • Migration & Replatform
  • Custom apps
  • Technology Integration
  • Email Automation
  • Subscriptions
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Design & UX

  • Creative & UI Design
  • UX Optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
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Digital Marketing

Campaigns & content that’ll keep you on your toes with targeted creative and fresh insights.

Paid Campaigns

  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Spend planning and allocation
  • Digital campaign optimisation
  • Ad copy
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Creative & Content

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Website content
  • Blog and article content
  • Content planning
  • Media & creative
  • Content optimisation
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Our Partners

We work with the best of the best.


Get real about your growth

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.