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Why mobile should be your first priority

As of last year, more websites are loaded on a mobile device than they are on desktop computer. This data was surprising to no one and the idea that this trend will continue is even less surprising. What is surprising though is the number of websites that are STILL not mobile optimised.

When you take this data into consideration, you would assume most people would focus primarily on developing a website to suit mobile. However, an overwhelming number of businesses continue to focus on desktop as their primary point of development. 

Why mobile should be your first priority

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

The thing is, people want to know things immediately. It’s that instantaneous nature of the mobile device that has lead to its undeniable success. We take our mobiles absolutely everywhere; like an extension of our arm. There is never a time anymore where you are unable to know the answer to something. Google literally provides an answer to anything from a take-away shops phone number to the highest scoring player of the 2016 AFL season (Patrick Dangerfield for those curious).

Almost always, Google provides us with an answer. But Google cannot control everything and that includes making sure your website is as user friendly as possible.

Common mistakes we often see on Mobile websites include

  • Slow page speed
  • Links too close together. When the touch point is too small, it makes it impossible to click on the correct link
  • Overlapping images
  • Videos not viewable on mobile
  • Faulty redirects

Imagine you’re a physiotherapist in Brisbane and someone in Brisbane is in need of some treatment. They search ‘Brisbane Physios’ and your website pops up in the search results. Awesome for you. The not so awesome part though, is that your website looks terrible on a mobile device. The images are nice and bright, but they are overlapping. The font is huge and crowded and the ‘Call Now’ button is covered by the menu button. On a computer, your website looks pretty great but on a mobile, where most people search from, it looks terrible.

As statistics show, people are researching more on their mobiles so the mobile experience has to be just as, if not more, efficient and pleasing as any other. The user who just searched for your website has already clicked back to Google and booked an appointment with another physiotherapist (whose website was mobile optimised).

Its simple things like, ensuring call buttons actually work and images not being crowded on the mobile device, that can be the difference between an enquiry and an exit.

Avoid these issues altogether by allowing us to give your website the attention it deserves. We can give your site as much or as little love as you think it needs. 

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