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Simple ways to boost your eCommerce store

Undoubtedly, spending lots of money on digital advertising will probably lead to you gaining a strong flow of traffic to your website. You can create great eye-catching, witty ads that will draw in customers and enhance your page views. Your paid traffic analytics will look awesome, however you may not be making the sales you thought you would.

When we look at our analytics and see that the number of visitors and pageviews has increased, it can be easy to think that the website is performing well. But, the main issue with this, particularly on an eCommerce site, is that conversions need to be the main goal. You can have all the visitors in the world looking around your website, but if they’re not buying anything, there is not a lot to be gained.

Don’t get me wrong, digital advertising and social media advertising is a great way to boost traffic and is almost a necessity for some businesses. But making sure the content you are sending traffic too is up to standard, is just as important. We’ll look at advertising later on in the post, but firstly, here are a few simple ways to get your store’s content up to scratch.

Simple ways to boost your eCommerce store

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

1. Good quality images

Taking good quality, clear images with a decent camera is one of the most important points. No one is going to want to buy something that doesn’t even look good on the website. Make sure there are images of the product from different angles to show details properly. If the product is clothing, show images of it being worn. This diminishes buyers anxiety by showing off the product as much as possible.

2. In-depth descriptions

Product descriptions should be written to sell to the target audience. It should use personable language where appropriate and make the product sound like it’s worth buying. Give a detailed description so the buyer knows exactly what the product is, what it does, how it fits, what fabrics/materials/ingredients are used.

3. Implement reviews

In 2014, Bright Local conducted a study that found 88% of people surveyed trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. The same study found that 72% of customers would trust a business more after reading a positive review. These stats show that people are more likely to purchase from your store after reading that someone else has enjoyed the product already. To influence customers to write a review, send out an email or have a prize or voucher each month for the most helpful review submitted.

When you’re happy with the content on your website, you can start to implement advertising. Make sure your target audience is specifically defined to avoid wasting budget on an audience that is not going to be interested in your products. You may have a few target audiences, so create segments and build campaigns accordingly.

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