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Case Study

How The Mad Hueys Increased Revenue By 47%

Surf, fish, party. That’s The Mad Hueys—and they’re seriously good at it. In true Hueys style, they turned simple brand merch into an iconic lifestyle clothing brand for men, women and kids. So, how do you back a brand that already has everything going for it? 

Position it for growth.


The Mad Hueys

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Digital Campaign Optimisation; Shopify Plus; Social Campaigns; Spend Planning and Allocation; Theme Development
The Mad Hueys


The metrics that matter

The Hueys said goodbye to scattergun strategy and chose iterative growth instead. More than numbers, these results speak to increased brand resonance and loyalty among customers—the kind of outcomes that actually lead to authentic growth.

August-October 2021 vs previous period (comparing post & pre theme update)
  • Revenue up by 47%
  • eComm conversion rate up by 25%
  • Transactions up by 49%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

The Mad Hueys


The Hueys were ready to grow—their digital tools weren’t

These are challenges we see all the time. A chunky ad spend with piecemeal results. A functioning website that’s forgotten its purpose: to serve the user.

They needed a plan

After creating their website in 2018, we came back on board in 2021 to build their new Shopify Plus theme and run their digital strategy.

Our task was to implement a solid ad spend growth strategy while maintaining a strong ROAS. To level up their online store, they also needed to aesthetically showcase their collections, revise their product drop strategy and improve the overall customer experience.

The Mad Hueys
The Mad Hueys


Meet the people where they’re at

The best digital solutions are integrated and intuitive. From social ads to the website, our focus was to carve out compelling customer journeys—true to the brand and its audiences.

Social Campaigns

Our first step? Optimising the Hueys’ campaigns with a funnel strategy. We used a variety of ads to find new customers and get in front of the right people, at the right time.

Campaign Optimisation & Management

Our strategies never stop evolving. Over months, we tested audiences, optimised campaigns and differentiated ad creative to find the approach that drove the best results.

Growth Support & Ad Spend Strategy

While we managed the Hueys’ campaigns, we also set revenue targets and strategic ad spend. Platform allocation was key to ensuring they grew while maintaining good ROI.

Shopify Plus New Theme Build

As the Hueys upgraded from ad hoc releases to monthly collections, our job was to supercharge their website UX. We amplified their iconic brand across the site and boosted AOV. For better merchandising, we used Searchspring to power product filters, smart search and merchandising automation.

The Mad Hueys have partnered with Arkhi for three years to enhance our consumer experiences, through interaction and usability. They have provided us with advertising campaigns to reach new audiences and strengthen categories within our brand.

Our most recent project was to strategise and build a framework for a more engaging website that allowed consumers to shop across all brand divisions of The Mad Hueys. The project was tailored towards our users, delivered expectations visually and increased conversions from day one.

Arkhi has continually invested in our business, assisting in key growth & development programs. Building succession plans with our business partners are key and all the team members at Arkhi provide those solutions.

Shane Kearney, The Mad Hueys Head of Sales & Marketing

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.