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Case Study

Rhythm Drove Revenue Up by 53%. Here’s How.

Can you grow online and stay grounded? Yep and Rhythm’s proof. As a Burleigh Heads brand, Rhythm literally lives and breathes the Australian coast. Now, you can buy their premium clothing and goods around the world—and their online store experience is just as authentic.

It turns out eComm is better when brands stay real. But… how do we do that again?



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Data & Analytics; Digital Campaign Optimisation; Digital Campaign Strategy; eCommerce Strategy; Shopify Plus; Technology Integration; UX Optimisation


Here’s to keeping it real

What’s growth worth if you lose touch with why you started? We looked to the user to find the roots of Rhythm’s challenges and found solutions. From there, it was all about letting the brand shine—leveraging the potential that was already there into real growth.

With Klaviyo email automation and strong growth in the US, we’re excited to see what happens next.

  • Conversion rate up by 42%
  • Revenue up by 54%
  • AOV (Average order value) up by 17%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.



Digital’s not set-and-forget

User behaviours evolve, technology advances, brands innovate. Either grow or get left behind. Rhythm’s website overhaul was the only way to stay true, effective and relevant online. 

It got personal

No brand website is an island. It functions for the user. If results are slowing, something’s up. Now and again, every website needs to get reacquainted with its customers. Cue Arkhi.

Despite year-on-year traffic growth, conversions were super low. So while brand interest was high, we needed to carve a compelling buying journey. To start, we streamlined their tech stack for ease of use and set them up for international online growth.



eComm meets brick and mortar

Rhythm stocks 500+ retail locations globally. The new site prioritised selling products online and supported offline marketing activities with brand and campaign content.

The deep dive

In discovery, we spoke to Rhythm’s team and stakeholders. We analysed their site’s tech stack, information architecture, user behaviour and developed a digital marketing strategy. By the end, we knew exactly what it would take to leverage Rhythm’s online growth.

Tech stack consolidation

Rhythm was suffering from platform overload (Shopify, Squarespace and WordPress). Users couldn’t use the site. Rhythm’s team couldn’t update the site easily. So, we made it simple. 

  • Continue with Cin7 to minimise operational disruption.
  • Continue with Shopify and move to Shopify Plus.
  • Introduce Klaviyo for advanced email automation.
  • Remove Squarespace, WordPress and respective hosting altogether.

UX/UI overhaul

More than delivering on good looks, Rhythm’s refreshed UX and UI authentically win over customers. Now, the products can take centre stage and they basically sell themselves.

International website structure

Rhythm needed to showcase different products, content and pricing for its regional markets. We created regionalised Shopify Plus websites, beginning with Australia and New Zealand, North America and Europe. This strategy allowed Rhythm to:

  • Increase profitability with regional pricing for each market
  • Deliver region-specific campaign content and customer support information
  • Provide seasonal product ranges within each region.

Undertaking a website rebuild can be a daunting project with many different platforms and solutions on offer. Finding an agency you can trust is key. From our initial consultations, it was clear that Arkhi was presenting a tailored approach that met our brand needs, balancing a content-rich experience with data-driven eCommerce functionality that has improved conversion and enabled growth.

The team at Arkhi did an exceptional job in managing the project and worked closely with our internal creative team to ensure all our needs were met. The platform is now easily managed with a very small team who have quickly upskilled in Shopify + management, thanks to the support and training by the team at Arkhi.

The results speak for themselves, and Arkhi continues to provide us excellent support as we utilise new features and undertake further developments to optimise our eCommerce experience. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Flynn and the team as we grow this channel within the Rhythm business.

— Samuel Treffers, General Manager of Rhythm Retail

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.