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Case Study

How Odyssey Achieved a 194% Enquiry Increase

Over the last 20 years, Phil Usher has made it his life’s work to innovate aged care for Australians. Today, Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities offers a first-class seniors lifestyle, care and community model. So, how did Odyssey market its game-changing alternative?

Through a highly targeted digital strategy.


Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities

Content Creation; Data & Analytics; Digital Campaign Optimisation; Paid Search; Social Campaigns; Spend Planning and Allocation; UX Optimisation
Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities


Digital leverage in action

In collaboration with Odyssey’s broader external marketing team, we helped drive enquiries and online performance with an integrated, on-brand digital strategy.

Metrics: post-launch vs pre-launch of website redesign.
  • Enquiries up by 194%
  • Conversion rate up by 11.5%
  • Paid search conversion rates up by 19%
  • Organic search up by 12%
  • Facebook cost per enquiry down by 44%
  • Google conversion rate up by 101.9%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities


Odyssey’s market edge is disruption.

Even before Australia’s Royal Commission into Aged Care, they were innovating the aged care norm with a heart-centred approach. Since partnering with Odyssey in 2019, our challenge has been to introduce their model as an authentically different market alternative.

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities
Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities


Digital strategy

We collaborated with Odyssey’s PR and branding agencies to create an integrated digital strategy. From social ads to the website and content, our focus was to carve out compelling customer journeys—true to the brand and its audiences.

Content marketing

To establish strong inbound marketing, we created high-value blog and email content. Each piece supports Odyssey’s SEO while educating users and attracting new leads.

Paid search and paid social campaigns

We supercharged paid search and social ads with audience-centric creative and targeting. Using a funnel-based strategy, we focused on reaching the right audiences at the right time.



UX audits and recommendations

What happens after the click-through? An ad’s potential can increase tenfold when we get the user experience right. We looked at the data and recommended optimisations to Odyssey’s user experience.

Campaign optimisation & management

Odyssey will soon launch a new Chevron Island community, in addition to their flagship community in Robina. We will continue to tailor and adapt their strategy with ongoing data insights—testing new audiences and optimising their ad creative for ideal results.

Growth support & ad spend strategy

Platform ad spend allocation is key to sustainable growth while maintaining good ROAS.

Arkhi has been a close trusted partner of Odyssey since the initial project/brand concept stages in 2019. They work collaboratively with a local PR agency and a brand creative agency to form my offsite marketing team. Akrhi continues to push to improve digital results month on month, and year on year, whilst contributing to our longer term marketing strategy.

Phil Usher, CEO & Founder of Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.