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How Muscle Nation Went From Start Up To Scaled Up In 8 Weeks

Six years. That’s how quickly Muscle Nation went from startup to the leading activewear and sports supplement brand it is today. Safe to say, when it comes to growth, Muscle Nation has always run at full pelt. But in 2018, they met a substantial roadblock: their site was crashing—every. single. collection. launch.

Eight weeks later, Muscle Nation had completely scaled up its online store. Here’s how.


Muscle nation

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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Shopify Plus; Theme Development; UX Optimisation
Muscle nation


A better user experience. Better sales. Better return users. Increased order values. And that’s just a start. For brands wanting to scale, website upgrades are critical to growth. Here’s how it changed the game for Muscle Nation.

Business outcomes 2018 vs 2019
  • Increased revenue by 206%
  • Increased eComm conversion rate by 10%
  • Increased AOV by 10%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Muscle nation


They had outgrown their online store

Site crashing at critical moments? No thanks. And to add more stress, Muscle Nation’s customer data and product information were spread across two sites. It was time to streamline everything—from their platform to UX, UI, customer database and inventory management.

Muscle nation
Muscle nation


The Muscle Nation migration

From WooCommerce to Shopify Plus in four weeks. That’s a record time for us. Four weeks after migration, they launched their new collection, as planned—crash-free and stress-free. 

Clean data is a game-changer

While migrating their site, we saw loads of bugs in their old site and customer archives. We cleaned and merged the information from two old sites into one Shopify Plus store.

Content control

Getting Muscle Nation onto Shopify Plus with a well-constructed theme allowed their internal team to make quick updates when they needed to without constant reliance on developers.

A better pathway for conversions

We created a tiered cart promotion strategy using Shopify Plus scripts and clever customisations. Everything was completely automated (no need to remember discount codes). Customers simply added their favourite products to cart and selected their free gift colour.

We also launched Black Friday deals based on spending thresholds. These were featured by Shopify Plus.

  • Add $150 to your cart = 15% off total cart value + Free Jug ($30 Value) + Free Shipping
  • Add $250 to your cart = 30% off total cart value + Free Bag ($70 Value) + Free Jug ($30 Value) + Free Shipping

UX/UI enhancements

  • Free shipping threshold graphic in the cart
  • ‘Also available in’ and product fit on product page
  • Collection page filtering and search
  • Bundling of products

Systems and optimisations

Having moved to a bigger warehouse, Muscle Nation needed better inventory management. Arkhi went on-site to implement, train and assist the Muscle Nation team with the new system.

With Shopify Plus, we streamlined Muscle Nation’s wholesale activities. When integrated with the inventory management system, accurate stock counts were available at all times—and this was a game changer for business operations.

Partnering with Arkhi was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only did they get our new website launched onto Shopify within weeks, but they also made it very aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for the consumer.

— Nathaniel Anthony, Co-founder Muscle Nation

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.