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Case Study

Big Disruption: How Mercha Doubled Conversion Rates in 6 Months

Before Mercha, 80% of the Australian merch supply market was dominated by middle-men companies. Turnaround times were long, big businesses skipped the queue and SME customers were fed up. Mercha was ready to disrupt and outdo the big merch players. How?

By taking their streamlined model online and making it all about their customers.



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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Custom Apps; Shopify Plus; Technology Integration; Theme Development; UX Optimisation


Merch, the way it should be

We delivered an unprecedented level of customisation for Mercha’s new site. And, we think it shows in their overall user experience and seamless customer journey.

April-June 2022 vs previous period
  • Conversion rate up 95%
  • Revenue up 163%
  • Average order value up 23%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.



Disrupting the system

New ways of working require new ways of thinking. Mercha came to us with an incredible vision for streamlining merch supply. We worked with them to bring it to life online.

Creating a seamless flow

Using Shopify Plus, we needed to aesthetically and intuitively showcase Mercha’s wide range of products, categories and suppliers to the user. Mercha also needed a functional design interface for its orders and a seamless customer flow—from creating the order to checkout.



Design, function & customisation

We showcased Mercha’s products and categories for easy navigation and seamless customer journeys from the start. We also designed Mercha’s custom user interface, which allowed customers to make specific customisations to select products.


Our team ensured users could see their customised product artworks at every stage. And, we automated the entire process—linking each artwork to the sales order. This system managed customer data at scale, connecting Shopify to a custom app. Mercha’s various bulk pricing rules are determined by the product, decoration and supplier. We automated this function, allowing the user to see all relevant quantity-based discounts and product prices with ease.

The easy way to get exciting, high quality branded merchandise in three simple steps: Design. Order. Delight.

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.