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Instant Uplift: Why ATP Moved from WordPress to Shopify Plus

Performance supplement brand ATP Science was already operating at a massive scale. Yet, their clunky eCommerce store was letting them down for their B2C channel. So, how do you elevate a brand to where it deserves to be digitally?

Move to Shopify Plus.


ATP Science

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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Shopify Plus; Technology Integration; Theme Development; UX Optimisation
ATP Science


One simple move

For ATP, their migration to Shopify Plus was a painless solution with highly targeted benefits. To date, their team is loving Shopify’s ease of use and is seeing massive product subscription growth.

  • Seamless migration to Shopify Plus with no downtime
  • 24% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous monthly average
  • 73% increase in product subscriptions
  • Reduced page load time by 71%
  • AOV has stayed the same and we’re actively focusing on why

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

ATP Science


ATP’s WordPress website wasn’t doing its job

ATP was receiving customer complaints about the clunky website experience. And they were losing sales due to slow page load times.

Ultimately, ATP’s website wasn’t doing them proud and their team was finding it extremely hard to update. We were tasked to conduct a full review of their tech stack and make recommendations that would allow their online store to integrate with current business software and systems.

ATP Science
ATP Science


Shopify Plus migration

Taking ATP from their old build to a new Shopify Plus website opened up immediate brand value. Increasing site speed was one of the priorities. Following that, we created tailored UX to reinforce ATP’s position as an expert in natural, high-performance health products.

Full tech stack overhaul

Simple and streamlined, ATP’s new tech stack delivers a far more efficient experience. We integrated their ERP for real-time data, Klaviyo for email automation, customer support via Gorgias and ReCharge for subscriptions.

Optimising for user experience

Our team implemented the following strategies to enhance the user experience and inherently increase website performance.

  • Free shipping threshold in cart
  • In-cart cross-sell features
  • Product bundles with discounts
  • Product quantity discounts
  • Rules to qualify free products added to cart
  • Offering product subscriptions

Personalised customer experiences

UX and region-specific functionality were key—from directing customers to the right regional site to ensuring an intuitive buying journey every time.

  • Regional shipping restrictions
  • ATP loyalty program
  • Klaviyo for email automation
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Customer support via Gorgias
  • Back-in-stock alerts
  • Optimised product filtering, search and merchandising

“We were hesitant to leave our web development team. Even though the site was slow and clunky, we had a really great relationship with them and they always bent over backwards to help us. This meant we were extremely picky when we interviewed what felt like over 100 agencies to develop our new website. Arkhi stood out to us because they were down-to-earth and transparent.

I am really glad we chose Arkhi. Their designs were fantastic right from the very first iteration, they really nailed who we were as a company and what was important to us. Even though I lost most of my team due to maternity leave, I didn’t feel too overwhelmed because Arkhi stepped up and offered me so much support to get the site live. I really couldn’t fault the Arkhi team at all during the entire design, build and launch phases.”

Toni Doidge, ATP Science Co-Founder

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.