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Improving the Industry with a Commitment to Collaboration

At Stead Lane, we believe the commitment to developing open source software is critical to the continuous improvement of the web development industry. The open source community is saturated with motivated and highly experienced software developers who collaborate to create new and improve current software. The collaboration of disciplined and passionate developers within Open Source communities has lead to the creation of extremely popular and successful software.

Improving the Industry with a Commitment to Collaboration

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Reece Alexander, one of our talented developers here at Arkhi, has recently created and shared two Open Source modules for Silverstripe, with every intention of developing more. The first software Reece developed was a module created using Silverstripe software to improve the efficiency of cloudflare. The second was a software for Vision 6 written and developed using Silverstripe + PHP.

At SilverStripe, we don’t believe in working alone. It is better to work in the open, invite feedback and encourage others to contribute. – SilverStripe

The module, designed using Silverstripe software for cloudflare, was built with the intention of making life easier for content creators and managers. Where in the past you would have to wait for the cache to clear to see any updates to a page, this new module clears the cache immediately. It gives you the ability to see changes instantly in the preview window without having to worry about logging into the CloudFlare dashboard and purging the cache yourself.

This development and its intention of improving efficiency has already proven successful with the immediate success and continuity of growth within the Open Source community.

The modules key features include:

  • Dynamic zone ID Detection
  • Intelligent Purging
  • If you modify the title or URL of any page: All cache for the zone will be purged
  • If you modify the contents of any page: only the cache for that page will be purged
  • If you modify any page that has a parent, the page you modified and all of it’s parents will be purged too
  • Manual purging
  • The administration area for this module allows you to either purge all CSS files, all javascript files, all image files

The Email Direct Marketing (EDM) module Reece has developed is designed to eliminate a process when receiving subscribers on a website. Generally, if a visitor to a website goes to subscribe to a mailing list, they will be directed to an external page to complete a registration. This development is a shortcode that can be added into the CMS on any given page, creating a form and eliminating the need for a visitor to leave the page. It is an efficient and practical creation of software, which has already been given very positive feedback in the wider coding community.

At Arkhi, we appreciate and are committed to the collaboration of the Open Source community. As partners of SilverStripe, we strive for improvement and to continue creating more open source modules for Silverstripe.

You can find more of our work on GitHub

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