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Are Robots Replacing Copywriters?

We thought robots belonged in sci-fi movies or somewhere far in the future, but artificial intelligence is already taking over a slew of human jobs—and copywriting is no exception.

Many business giants already depend on bot writers to create large blocks of their content. The Washington Post has used AI written copy for their sports reports since the Rio Olympics in 2016. And most readers can’t tell the difference.

So is AI generated copy the future? Yes and no.

Human copywriters will be (and already have been) replaced by their robot counterparts, but largely only those who write robotic, unengaging copy.

What does it mean for the rest of us? Can we use this technology to our advantage?

Are Robots Replacing Copywriters?

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

AI written copy is impressive

AI writes copy using advanced technology called Natural Language Processing—and it’s impressive. It learns by processing and analysing a mass of written work.

Some AI copywriters generate 20,000 lines of copy every second, instantaneously producing content for social posts, ads, emails, websites, listings, product descriptions and blogs.

Some bots can even write in unique brand languages and convey chosen emotions.

However, humans—our creativity, empathy and opinions—are still the cornerstone for the machine. We’re the ones that teach them. But can they learn everything?

Good copywriting is about human connection

While robots can generate standard copy that gets high clickthrough rates, they can’t replace the humanness of real writing, which is ultimately what connects people to brands.

Empathy is at the heart of good copywriting. It’s about understanding the way an audience thinks, mixing opinion with fact, and understanding the nuances of different ways to use the same word.

Robots can create error-free content and mimic tone and emotion, but they cannot replicate genuine human connection and creativity.

Copywriters need to step it up

AI written copy may be the best thing that’s happened to copywriters, because substandard, robotic copy from us just won’t do anymore. We need to upskill and write like humans, not faceless businesses.

This competition will push us to anchor our writing in nuanced emotion, empathy and strong ideas to make genuine human connections through our words.

Copywriters will be free to be more creative

Outsourcing the writing of standard, time-consuming copy to AI will free up time for human copywriters to do more satisfying work.

Instead of focusing on reports and product descriptions, we’ll be able to devote more time and energy to richly creative work—helping brands stand out, disrupt the status quo and leave legacies.

How does Stead Lane stay competitive with copywriting?

Our copywriters at Arkhi are dedicated to making your brand unique and genuine through quality, emotion- and idea-driven copy. Chat with us today.

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