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Why Should I Move To Shopify Plus?

If you’re already killing it and want to take your business to the next level, it might be time to migrate to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is the biggest eCommerce platform hosting the biggest brands. It’s the most customisable, efficient, cost-effective and scalable solution for high-volume businesses. It’s no surprise you’re considering making the shift.

Here is a list of reasons to make the move to Shopify Plus:

Why Should I Move To Shopify Plus?

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Key benefits of moving to Shopify Plus

Save your coin

It is the most cost-effective platform for high-volume businesses. If you are already making over $1 million or more in annual revenue, Shopify plus will save you money in the long run.

Although it has a higher monthly rate than the core Shopify service, it has lower transaction fees. A common complaint for Shopify merchants are the credit card rates that typically range from 2.2%-2.9%, plus an extra 30 cents per transaction.

With Shopify Plus, the fee is much lower at 0.15% per transaction, and is completely waived if you use Shopify Pay! So you will save more on orders, freeing up more coin to reinvest into your thriving business.

Expand your reach

Shopify Plus accelerates your growth. You can scale larger and faster by selling internationally and across social media platforms.

Grow globally

Reaching customers across the globe could be a key strategy for growing your business. Shopify Plus operates across 175 countries in 20 languages and you can customise stores for specific locations, catering to local markets on a global scale.

You can create up to nine clone stores in different languages and currencies. So you can adapt to your customers wherever they are, provide information in their native language, grow in size and increase sales.

Sell across social platforms

If you want to grow your business, meet your customers where they are. Shopify Plus was the first to sell on social media, partnering with global platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

You can integrate the shopping experience across social platforms, boosting sales and scaling your business.

Create a better online experience

Shopify Plus improves efficiency by creating a smoother experience for your customers, while also freeing up your time with exclusive apps that automate and streamline processes as you scale.

Customise checkout

You can create a much more customised experience for your customers with Shopify Plus. This is particularly useful in creating a personalised and speedy checkout process.

Shopify Plus offers the widest variety of payment options for your customers including Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay, making purchases easy, efficient and as mobile-friendly as ever.

Streamline with exclusive apps

When scaling a business, the one resource you never seem to have enough of is time! Shopify Plus offers apps that automate complicated and time-consuming tasks into experiences that benefit your customers, so you can focus on building your brand, not your tech stack.

The exclusive apps include:

Be crazy fast and reliable

Shopify Plus has an unlimited bandwidth, which means your site will process orders with lightning speed while handling huge influxes of traffic (up to 500,000 hits and 6,000 checkouts per minute!).

This is vital as your business scales. Customers won’t be left waiting for your site to load, or abandoning their purchases. You’ll spend less time with IT and you’ll create an experience your customers will love. And, of course, boost sales.

Access the experts

Running an eCommerce store is very demanding, especially for a fast-growing business. Shopify Plus provides you with experts to build your website launch, provide ongoing support and offer training and online courses, so you can run your growing business as easily and efficiently as possible with all the skills you need.

Launch with pro developers

Because Shopify Plus is much more customisable, you’ll need an experienced developer to create a new store for you and help you migrate to the new platform. Shopify Plus will introduce you to one of their service partners—an agency curated for their expertise in building and launching eCommerce websites—making the launch of your website stress-free, efficient and exciting.

Be supported 24/7

Shopify has a special support team exclusive to Plus users. You’ll be partnered with a merchant success manager (a real person!) that can answer any questions you have along the way and help take your business from strength to strength.

Learn all you need to reach your goals

Shopify Plus also offers online courses and workshops so you can learn all you need to know to run a successful business. You can tailor your educational content with Shopify Plus Academy to suit your needs—and your schedule.

So should you make the move?

If you’re a high-volume business, Shopify Plus is definitely worth it for you. It has everything you need to grow and support your thriving business. And you’ll have peace of mind that you’re being supported by the largest, most trusted eCommerce platform in the world.

As a Shopify Plus partner, Arkhi has helped many brands make the exciting move. View our work and let’s chat about growing your business!

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