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What Is—And Isn’t—A Brand?

A strong brand can set you apart. It can build customer loyalty, trust and appeal. It can set you up for long term success.

But what exactly is a brand? It’s hard to pin down a definition when a brand can mean different things to different people. It’s often described as subjective, intangible and misunderstood. But defining ‘brand’ as a whole, can help you understand and establish your own brand, which can do great things for your business.

Here’s a layout of what your brand is—and what it isn’t.

What Is—And Isn’t—A Brand?

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Your brand is not your logo

Your brand is so much more than your name, colours, typeface or anything that people can see. This is why defining ‘brand’ is so elusive. It’s what someone thinks and feels about your products, services or organisation. Often these thoughts are unconsciously formed—a gut feeling.

It’s created from direct and indirect experiences across all your touchpoints: your brand imagery and symbols, your website, customer experiences, your company’s values and beliefs, down to how your receptionist answers the phone and the state of your bathrooms.

It’s the thread that runs through every single detail of your business.

Your brand is not your marketing

Your marketing invites someone to engage with your organisation, product or service. Your brand is the reason someone would say yes. When you build a strong brand that creates trust, appeal and customer loyalty, your marketing becomes more effective.

When you pull a marketing lever, like a paid ad, your brand will help your customer act on it—the decision a no brainer.

Your brand is not only external

A strong brand starts from within. Your vision, values and culture should be lived and believed by your people. They are the ones that deliver your brand to the world.

When your people understand and embrace what your brand stands for—and own their own place in it—your outward brand expression will be delivered as intended—authentic and powerful.

Does your business have a strong brand? The team at Arkhi can help you define and deliver your brand consistently and authentically across all your digital channels. Let’s chat!

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