Shopify Plus Partner

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Shopify Plus

Arkhi was chosen as Queensland’s first Shopify Plus Partner. We’re on their niche list of top-performing agencies around the world. Since 2013, we’ve specialised in leveraging the platform for high-growth businesses.

Why Shopify Plus?

All your eComm priorities, covered. Make changes fast on a platform made for developers, by developers. Migrate your customer, product, and order data into your online store with data migration tools. Get help for development and design changes with exclusive 24/7 technical support.

  • Integrate existing systems like an ERP or CRM with Shopify APIs and SDKs
  • Connect apps across your business with eCommerce automation
  • Automate everything from basic tasks to complex processes with Shopify Flow
  • View performance analytics, create new stores, and manage automation flows across all your stores
  • Extend the platform with robust REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Work with Shopify Plus Certified Apps for custom solutions that scale with the biggest brands in the world
  • Offer custom discounts, shipping rates, and payment options with Shopify Functions
  • Make changes fast with a drag-and-drop theme editor, or dive into the code for advanced customisations

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