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How Moana Increased Its Conversion Rate By 19% In 30 Days

They say growth is a mindset. And Moana Bikini proves it’s true. Since 2011, they’ve pioneered female empowerment, body diversity and inclusivity in swimwear. By 2018, they were ready to scale for more growth online. So how’d they do it?

By giving the user their sole attention.


Moana Bikini

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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Custom Apps; eCommerce Strategy; Shopify Plus; Technology Integration; UX Optimisation
Moana Bikini


Can’t stop/won’t stop

Moana Bikini’s site is in constant evolution thanks to their ever-growing online store strategy. And that’s why users love it. As a result, Moana’s seeing growth where it counts—increased conversion rates, revenue and average order values.

30 days after launch…
  • Increased revenue by 121%
  • Increased eComm conversion rate by 19%
  • Increased AOV (average order value) by 13%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Moana Bikini


As you grow, so do your users’ needs

With three regional websites, Moana’s new collection launches were progressively becoming more complex. After years on their Shopify build, it was time to level up with Shopify Plus

Moana Bikini
Moana Bikini


Scale up for international growth

Moana needed all their regional websites to update at the same time. To do this, our development team used a combination of Launchpad and code deployment systems.

Never stop scaling

Rather than scale up and move on, Moana is committed to continual UX improvements with our team over the long term. Partnering together via retainer, we speak regularly with their team and implement UX updates based on an evolving collaborative task roadmap.

Cart cross-sell

This clever feature prompts customers to add a matching top when they add a pair of bikini bottoms to the cart (or vice versa). From there, it’s one simple click to add it to their order.

Bikini quiz

This concept gives customers input on the future of Moana Bikini. The quiz-style feature asks a series of questions, which then outputs data to the Moana team. 

Shop by model

Moana is a super-inclusive brand that celebrates and designs for different body types. They already showcased body diversity in their shoots, so we created a feature on the site that allows users to browse by ‘Moana Babe’.

Increase AOV strategy

How did Moana increase AOV and margin—and get more exposure? They offered a colourful branded towel at 50% off when users reached the cart value threshold. 

We customised Shopify scripts to discount the product and remove the discount if the cart value decreases below the threshold. 

Arkhi was contracted to help us, primarily, develop the front-end of our website to provide a better and more efficient experience for our customers. They have 100% succeeded in this task.

Not only that, but along the way, they have provided excellent knowledge of the Shopify Plus platform, and have helped to ensure that both our customer-facing and internal systems are up to industry best practices and beyond. Design and development have both been top-notch and created an online presence above and beyond our previous website/s.

Arkhi has shown a great understanding of our industry and customers, as well as bringing in knowledge from other industries to complement our growth.

Arkhi has definitely been the outside influence we needed to continue to push Moana Bikini in a positive and fruitful direction and we’re excited to tackle more projects with them in the near future.

— Ryan Jones, Head of Marketing at Moana Bikini

It’s time to get real about user experiences

Reaching more customers may seem like a great idea. But expanding to international markets takes time and in-depth, regional insights. Data-inspired UX and UI can make all the difference.

Working with our team over the long term can make all the difference, too.

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.