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How Macro Mike Boosted ROAS x10

Growth’s waiting if you’re hungry for it. When Macro Mike launched in 2016, they filled a powerful market gap for delicious dairy- and gluten-free plant-based protein powder. In 2019, they were ready for more. So, how do you leverage a fast-moving brand in hypergrowth?

Slow down to speed up, as they say.


Macro Mike

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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Data & Analytics; Digital Campaign Optimisation; eCommerce Strategy; Paid Search; Shopify Plus; Social Campaigns; Spend Planning and Allocation; UX Optimisation
Macro Mike


You are what you eat

And Macro Mike was on a steady diet of strategic decisions. As a result, they found themselves growing exactly the way they’d set out to; a bigger customer base, an expanded offering, increased product demand and one of the best reps in their industry.

  • Increased revenue by 272%
  • Increased traffic by 410%
  • Increased ROAS 10x

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Macro Mike


Looking beyond the immediate

Digital strategy goes beyond today’s low-hanging fruit to uncover dormant opportunities and ignite your real brand USPs. That’s the kind of growth Macro Mike actually wanted.

Opportunity was close

Untapped audiences were out there. New conversion opportunities were waiting. We were there to help Macro Mike take the best strategic path forward.

Their digital marketing strategy was core to achieving bigger sales targets and brand awareness. We also found opportunities to optimise the overall experience on their website.

Macro Mike
Macro Mike


Paid social strategy

From the get-go, we identified Facebook and Instagram as top channels for community growth and segmentation. Then we focused on maintaining a strong return on ad spend.

Digital campaign optimisation

Amplifying awareness was a dream thanks to Macro Mike’s dynamic brand voice. Over time, we iterated our copy and creative to catch audiences at critical points in their buying journey.

UX improvements

What happens after the click-through? An ad’s potential can increase tenfold when we get the user experience right. We looked at the data and made the buying journey seamless.

We started working with the team at Arkhi to help scale and grow our online eCommerce business with their help in the social paid ad space. Having worked with a few smaller agencies and independent ad managers, we wanted to take our sales to the next level. Having the entire Arkhi team behind us is amazing and they’ve been a pivotal part of our growth over the last 3 years.

— Mike Kellett, Founder of Macro Mike

Start with an actionable strategy

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.