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How Esmi Achieved 730% Revenue Growth

When Australian-made skincare brand, esmi Skin Minerals, set out in 2017 to find their audiences online, they were already set up for strategic success. By 2020, they had achieved an impressive 25% month-on-month growth. How’d they do that?

With supercharged social campaigns.


esmi Skin Minerals

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Data & Analytics; Paid Campaign Analysis; Paid Social; Spend Planning and Allocation
esmi Skin Minerals


Humble to hero

There’s digital marketing without a considered strategy and digital marketing with one. esmi’s killer results are our argument for the latter approach. Ultimately, their revised ad strategy helped them build a community of loyal customers who genuinely love esmi’s products.

  • Increased online revenue by 730%
  • Increased average order value by 44.17%
  • Increased web traffic by 1511.35%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

esmi Skin Minerals


esmi needed to claim its market share

They were just getting started and their old ads weren’t making waves. Their brand was solid, but they needed to find the kind of customers who cared in the first place. We could help! 

We started with strategy

The only way to build esmi’s ROI was to tailor their campaigns, messaging and ad spend to their ideal customers. Our job was to define their market segments. From there, developing a strategy was straightforward.

esmi Skin Minerals
esmi Skin Minerals


Find the people—find your place

Knowing your brand is knowing who your customers are. We asked esmi’s team to unpack their brand strategy. That’s how we built out their customer profiles for ad targeting.

Social ad strategy and creative

The ad strategy looked strong, so it was time to test it. We chose the best channels and timings. And we began trying-iterating-refining to land on the highest-performing ad creative.

We’ve been working with Arkhi since 2017 and we’re very happy with the services and team. They’ve helped us achieve scale in the DTC eCommerce landscape through strategic digital advertising and have been super supportive along the growth journey. In this time we’ve achieved 4th in the AFR Fast 100 Australia-wide and would strongly recommend their services for rapid online scale.

- Josh McEwan, Executive Director

Don’t mess around with digital marketing

Seriously. If the strategy’s non-existent, not right or non-evolving it won’t help you grow. Start talking to our team now. Find out how digital can make a real difference for your brand.

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.