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Case Study

Elite Eleven Increased Their Revenue by 18% in 3 Months

Gaining a cult following is an enviable achievement for any brand. Elite Eleven gained theirs by dominating a niche gap in the market: elite activewear with an edgy fashion focus. When they came to work with us in early 2022, they were ready to raise the bar again. How?

With a seamless customer experience—from campaigns to conversion.


Elite Eleven

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Conversion Rate Optimisation; Data & Analytics; Digital Campaign Optimisation; Shopify Plus; Social Campaigns; Spend Planning and Allocation; Theme Development; UX Optimisation
Elite Eleven


Stats that matter

Customer-centric strategy is what will help you grow authentically. That’s how Elite Eleven turned customer loyalty into an actively invested customer base and high-performing digital strategy.

1 April - 28 June 2022 vs previous period
  • Conversion rate up by 27%
  • Transactions up by 52%
  • Average order value up by 5.4%

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Elite Eleven


It was time to evolve

The key to Elite Eleven’s success is their ability to target exactly what their audience loves. Like any brand, their ongoing challenge is to keep pace with their users’ evolving needs online.

Elite Eleven
Elite Eleven


Making it all about the user

As far as user experience goes, Elite Eleven was aiming for the best. From digital marketing to website design and functionality, our goal was to make the customer journey frictionless.

Shopify Plus new theme build

Elite Eleven’s opportunity was to leverage their existing audiences. So creating tailored customer journeys was our focus. The new theme prioritised brand essence and, as part of our customisations, it included upsell and free-gift-in-cart options.

Based on customer buying behaviours, we created product pages that functioned as lookbooks. Customers could see a variety of colour options and matching product suggestions to add to cart. Overall, we prioritised the store’s functional value and aesthetics while delivering a speedy build time.

Paid social campaigns

Our goal was to supercharge paid social ads with audience-centric creative and targeting. Using a funnel-based strategy, we focused on reaching the right audiences at the right time via Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Campaign optimisation & management

With regular new collection releases, we continue to tailor and adapt their strategy with ongoing data insights—testing new audiences and optimising their ad creative for ideal results.

Growth support & ad spend strategy

Platform ad spend allocation is key to ensuring sustainable growth while maintaining good ROAS.

Launching in mid 2014, Elite Eleven set a goal to bring a truly original sports & lifestyle brand, where fitness and fashion collide.

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Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.