Is Shopify the best option for my business?

The simplicity and ease of use for both the customer and business is a quality consistently mentioned in online reviews and articles for shopify. The dashboard, which appears when logging into the back end, gives an in depth insight into products, customers and inventory. This is extremely useful in recognising purchase trends and being able to plan campaigns accordingly.

Is Shopify the best option for my business?

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Product Dashboard

This gives you the opportunity to understand which products are selling successfully and which products may not be. It also allows you to recognise any purchasing trends where X amount of customers who purchased Product A also purchased Product B. This can be really insightful in creating and producing promotional campaigns and techniques.

Customer Dashboard

At the quickest of glances, you are able to briefly see who is purchasing products and where these customers are purchasing from. This information can then be further utilised to create customer groups and segmented marketing campaigns.

Keeping track of sales and inventory is easy to manage with the inventory dashboard, which allows you to fulfill multiple orders in one click. All information is updated in real time so once a product has zero inventory, it will appear as being sold out and no further orders will be accepted until restocked.

Shipping alternatives

If you have global customers you will probably want to charge for shipping according to their location. Shopify offers the option for shipping price alternatives whether it be by weight of product, location of shipping address or total cost of order. It also gives you the option to offer free shipping for orders over a selected price or for certain products.

Mobile commerce ready

A huge number of customers are shopping from their mobile phones so being available there is extremely important. Your shopify store will include a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This is available on any phone or tablet.

By downloading the mobile app, you can even manage everything from your phone as you would on the computer including inventory, orders and contacting customers.

For growing businesses

When first installing Shopify, your business might only be one tenth of the size it will grow to be. Shopify has an unlimited bandwidth so you will never be charged more based on the number of customers you have on your website.

These are just some of the many key qualities Shopify has to offer. It’s simplicity, insightfulness and customisation for customers is what makes it a great platform for many businesses. The ability to recognise purchase patterns and fulfil multiple orders in one click make it a productive and time-effective platform. Do you think Shopify might be the best move forward for your business? Contact us today to find out how we can make it happen.


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