Don’t Write For SEO, Write For People

It’s all about keywords, isn’t it?

Keywords, links, title tags, meta descriptions—these are all important but the ultimate thing affecting how your content ranks, is whether or not people want to read it.

So don’t write for SEO, write for the person on the other end. It will improve your content and here’s why.

Don’t Write For SEO, Write For People

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

Your content will be more useful

People search to solve a problem and your brand’s goal is to present the solution. If you focus on satisfying your audience, instead of the Google algorithm, you’ll have a much clearer idea on how to provide knowledge and content your readers actually want or need.

Ask yourself who is searching for your brand, product, or service? When and where are they searching? How are they searching and why are they searching? Questions like these will help you understand your customers needs and focus content into something truly useful.

Once you have these insights, you can start thinking about using keyword data to strengthen your content’s searchability.

Your content will rank better

The more useful your content is for readers, the better it will rank. Google wants users to find the best answers to their problems. If your content is high quality and useful, Google is much more likely to prioritise it.

Low-value SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing, can actually harm your Google ranking. The more painful and difficult your content is to consume, the less people will want to read it, signaling to Google that your content does not solve the searcher’s problem.

Google also actively demotes thin and duplicate content, cloaking (hiding text that only bots will detect) and auto-generated content because these tactics provide a poorer user experience.

It will build your brand

Clickbait titles may improve short-term results, but it likely won’t build your brand. Tactics alone just don’t cut it anymore. In our digital world, you need to connect with your customers—with people—now more than ever before to stand out and rise above the noise.

Providing quality content that focuses on a real customer need, that’s useful and meaningful, will help people connect—to open their hearts and their wallets.

What’s next?

Good, old-fashioned writing, unique ideas, and focused problem solving will help you create the best content. Once these basics are nailed, you can start to strategise with keywords and tactics to drive even more people toward your epic content and product or service.

Don’t have time to do it all yourself?

The team at Stead Lane can help you create engaging, useful, and high ranking content to drive people to your website and increase sales. Let’s chat.

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