Brand Identity: What is it and why is it so important?

Brand identity is one of the most simple, yet undermined elements of a business. When done well, it can be extremely successful and can ultimately be the difference between Google and other search engines. But what exactly is brand identity and why is it so important?

Brand Identity: What is it and why is it so important?

Sometimes digital growth is strategically simple—we call it leverage. Let’s start talking.

What is it?

Brand identity is ultimately a representation of your company, both visually and emotionally. It should represent who your company is and should allow people to associate certain thoughts, feelings and emotions with your brand.

Visually, your brand identity can be

  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Typography
  • Overall design

On an emotional level, brand identity can be

  • Business culture
  • Your message
  • Communicational interactions with consumers

Your brand identity should be what you want to communicate and how you want to be perceived by consumers.

Why is it so important?

Let’s say you had to choose between two pairs of running shoes. They are both identical aside from the fact that one has the Nike swoosh on it; the other is blank. Which pair would you choose?

Ultimately, they are the exact same shoe, however the values that are associated with Nike make the decision easy. Nike’s brand identity has made it a globally recognised brand of high quality. It is a brand that can be trusted and these values are all registered with a glance at the Nike tick.

Brand Identity is about adding value to your brand so that consumers make positive associations to your business.

The key to doing this successfully is through repetition and consistency. It may seem pointless reiterating core values or a slogan over and over again, but if ‘Just Do It’ is anything to go by; it’s worth it. Repeating your brand’s values and being consistent with visual identity is one of the most important elements of creating a strong brand.

Creating a strong brand isn’t only useful for global brands like Nike, it is essential for all businesses; no matter how big or small. It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market through use of creative elements, intellectual mechanisms and personal interaction.

As Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” What you do or sell is one thing, but how you do it is what people will remember.

Are you struggling to find your Brand Identity or would like to create a fresh one? We can help as little or as much as you’d like. Give us a call or send an email enquiry today.

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